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News - February 2013

February 2013

ECHHO to begin Volunteer Mentor Program

ECHHO is seeking to recruit experienced ECHHO drivers to act as mentors for our new volunteer drivers. The purpose is to accompany the new driver on a first drive to help introduce them to the process.  The mentor will offer advice as needed and let us know how the drive went.  We will make every effort to make the first drive as local as possible for their convenience. We believe this mentor program will be very useful in helping new volunteers get off to a good start. Volunteer drivers who are interested in mentoring new drivers should contact the ECHHO office. We are looking forward to starting this new program and hope you'll consider helping ECHHO by offering new drivers the benefit of your experience.

ECHHO Provides Much Needed Help to Marrowstone Island Client

Earlier this month ECHHO received a request from a patient who lives in isolation on Marrowstone Island. He is suffering from severe dental problems and was not able to eat solid foods for over a week. Because he has very limited financial resources to draw from, ECHHO called a local dentist and asked if this patient could have an urgent evaluation and treatment on a pro bono basis. We found a dentist here in Port Townsend who agreed to treat him over the course of several appointments. Apparently having never experienced such generosity and kindness, the client asked "why are you being so helpful to me?" Our response was "that's why we're here - to help folks with no one to turn to. We are happy to help you." The client tearfully expressed his thanks and his desire to make a donation to ECHHO in the future if his financial situation were to improve. We appreciated his offer but reassured him that if he continues to need help, ECHHO would always be there for him and he need not worry about paying for service.

Helping this client was very rewarding for the staff members that were involved in finding him local care and arranging transportation for him. Our volunteers who drove him were equally concerned about him and very happy to have helped. Of course, helping all of ECHHO's care receivers is equally rewarding.

If you know of someone who might enjoy serving the community as an ECHHO volunteer, please suggest that they contact our office and refer them to our website for more information about ECHHO (

Oldest ECHHO client will see her
100th birthday this month!

One or our volunteer drivers recently drove a 99 year old care receiver from Port Townsend to Sequim for a medical appointment. With ECHHO's help, she was able to make it to an important eye exam. Now this month she'll be able to see and blow out the candles on her 100th birthday cake!

Former ECHHO Volunteer Thankful to have Served ECHHO
and Receive Help as Well.


Although I have been both recipient and volunteer to ECHHO for many years now, I continue to be blessed with deep happiness from both roles. Yesterday, with what was to me a dental emergency, I received a volunteer ride from Port Hadlock to Bainbridge Island. A one hour appointment that stretched to two.

The volunteer's excellent driving skills and very comfortable car were only a prelude to her four-star patience, caring, and compassion. I'd like to recommend her for any special volunteer recognition ECHHO may give.

With my wishes for another great year of ECHHO helping hands, caring and love.

Thank You!

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