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Spring 2017

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It's been a long winter, but SPRING IS HERE, and
ECHHO has lots of news to share!


ECHHO has been busy, an amazing time in the office, with staff transitions and a LOT of requests for services. From January through March, we served 494 people. Our volunteers put in 1,000 hours and made 848 trips taking folks to medical appointments, driving 14,500 miles! Additionally, our volunteers offered 152 hours doing other tasks, including much-needed office help. Our volunteers are the heart of ECHHO, making it possible for us to help make our area a caring, compassionate community serving the needs of our elderly, disabled and low income residents. Also, so far this year, we have lent 544 pieces of medical equipment. THIS IS WHAT WE'RE DOING TOGETHER!


Congratulations Hank

Hank Hazen has won the 2017 Heart of Service Award! Hank was one of ECHHO’s first volunteers nearly 20 years ago, and has served on our Board of Directors since 2004. He was elected Chairman in 2013, and after being re-elected several times he continues to hold that position. In addition to the many other ways he has served to make Jefferson County a welcoming, caring and supportive community, Hank has continued during all these years to accept individual volunteer assignments for ECHHO, helping East Jefferson County neighbors on well over 300 occasions,

Hank Hazen

ECHHO Board Chair
Hank Hazen

serving at least 800 hours and driving approximately 12,000 miles providing transportation to and from essential medical services. Hank’s service to seniors and disabled people has included transportation, running errands and performing a remarkable array of chore services. He helped re-roof a home for one of our clients, managed an interstate move for another, helped to rebuild steps and an assortment of household tasks. Hank exemplifies the Spirit of ECHHO! 


Cassie Reeves

Cassie Reeves retires from the Volunteer Coordinator
position to get back to doing what she really misses – being an ECHHO Volunteer Driver!

We are really going to miss Cassie's smiling face and incredible talent in
the office! But she decided that personal, direct contact with clients would be more fulfilling for her, so she will go back to volunteer driving.
For the next couple of weeks she will in the office to help train her
replacement, Alea Waters, so she gets off to a good start. Thank you


Alea Waters

ECHHO welcomes new Volunteer Coordinator
Alea Waters.

Her joyful, compassionate spirit and her professional career as an RN, health and disabilities consultant, a bilingual health educator,
translator/interpreter and community outreach worker has led her to
ECHHO, where she is a welcome addition to our staff. In her own words:

"I've worked as an independent community home-health hospice
nurse in Port Townsend for the past 11 years. Many of my clients and some of my own family have benefited greatly from the loan of
medical equipment that ECHHO provides. Always, we have been received and helped by ECHHO staff in the kindest, most compassionate way – a real blessing during difficult times that often accompany the need for medical equipment. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to be serving this organization now!"

Heather Tillman

Heather Tillman is our Volunteer of the Month.
For Heather, we are very, very grateful!

When a client calls the office, Jeffrey Hall usually answers the phone
and assigns volunteers to requests for service. With Jeffrey taking a
medical leave of absence, we're needing some extra volunteers.
Heather Tillman was a long-term driver ". . . a hundred years ago."
She recently retired as a Board member, and has appeared almost daily in our office to do what most needed to be done! Heather quickly
learned to do most of the services related to working with volunteers,
including Jeffrey's job, and then she went to work recruiting volunteers, teaching others to do some of the work here in the office and revising/updating antiquated documents and procedures. She works quietly and with a broad smile (most of the time).


ECCHO is thrilled to announce that we have launched a vehicle donation program.
Now you can help fund our mission with your old car. You'll be hearing much more about the program in the future. If you have a vehicle that you want to donate you can call this toll free number 1-877-999-8322 to arrange the donation. Depending on where your vehicle is located, V-Dac will arrange a pick-up or a drop-off of your vehicle. Towing is free and you will get a tax break. For additional details visit our Car Donation page and click on the V-Dac link to donate there.

Donate your car


Once again, we must offer our deep and sincere gratitude for all of the volunteers who have made ECHHO into the #1 organization in Jefferson County meeting the needs of people who are unable to live independently without assistance. Wherever we go in the community, people respond to the name “ECHHO” with enthusiastic stories of times when they and their loved ones have been served by our generous, compassionate volunteers. Even people who seem youthful and healthy often report occasions when they needed help that ECHHO was able to provide. Many tell stories of their parents’ aging and how our volunteers helped, or when out of town visitors had to borrow medical equipment and ECHHO was able to offer what was needed.  Many times, we’ve heard “I don’t know what we would have done without ECHHO!

Our volunteers are the heart of our organization and are well known in our area
as vital contributors to the overall well-being of many of our citizens!


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