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(Ecumenical Christian Helping Hands Organization)

Volunteers helping Jefferson County residents
live independently



Volunteer Services include:

Travel to Medical Appointments – We give rides to medical appointments and necessary errands.  At least two business days notice is needed for local trips; and more advance notice is needed for out-of-county appointments.  Each person must be able to get in and out of vehicles with minimal assistance, or be accompanied by a caregiver who can assist.

Home and Domestic Assistance – We assist with light housekeeping:  vacuuming, laundry or meal preparation on a short term basis (e.g. a person recuperating from surgery) or on an occasional basis (one or two times a month).  We are available to fix a leaky faucet or loose step, or to assist with other straight-forward repairs.  The care receiver must provide materials for any minor repairs.  We do not do major repairs.

Shopping and Errands – We provide this service for folks who cannot find this support from other resources.

Friendly Visits – We provide these for persons who are home-bound; and occasionally we will take a person on an outing.

Loans of  Medical Equipment – We lend wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, bath seats, commodes, hospital beds and other items free of charge to anyone who needs them.

ECHHO Office Hours

Our office is open on Monday thru Friday from 9 to 4.

We lend equipment from our office on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (not Wednesday) from 9 to 1.

Obtaining Services:

To obtain volunteer services, a referral is needed from a healthcare practitioner, social service agency or pastor.  Have your caseworker, doctor, therapist or pastor call ECHHO, or have the name and telephone number of your referring party for us to call.  Be sure to give your referring party permission to talk to ECHHO about you.  Please call our office at (360) 379-3246 if you need clarification.

Making Referrals:

Social service workers, health care practitioners and pastors are welcome to refer clients for services.  ECHHO will need to know that the referring party believes there is a genuine need for help, and to the best of his/her knowledge, the client is a safe person for ECHHO volunteers to accompany.

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