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Autumn 2016

Thank You Volunteers!

We have had some significant changes to report this month, but first must express our deep and sincere gratitude for all of the volunteers who have made ECHHO into the #1 organization in Jefferson County meeting the needs of people who are unable to live independently without assistance. Wherever we go in the community, people respond to the name “ECHHO” with enthusiastic stories of times when they and their loved ones have been served by our generous, compassionate volunteers. Even people who seem youthful and healthy often report occasions when they needed help that ECHHO was able to provide. Many tell stories of their parents’ aging and how our volunteers were helped, or when out of town visitors had to borrow medical equipment and ECHHO was able to offer what was needed. Our volunteers are the heart of our organization and are known in our area as vital contributors to the overall well-being of many of our citizens


Introducing Our Interim Director

When our former Executive Director Mark Ince was forced by a family situation in Texas to resign, the Board of Directors decided that rather than to immediately initiate recruitment efforts to replace him, they would offer the position to Sarah McMahan, who accepted the job as Interim Executive Director. 

Sarah McMahan

Sarah has been an ECHHO board member, and brings her experience in non-profit work, with public speaking, fund-raising motivation and staff management into our office. One of our staff members referred to her as adding “light and strength” to an already extremely competent and congenial staff. 



Congratulations Marlena On Your Retirement

Marlena Knill has decided to retire after 12 years as our dedicated Volunteer Coordinator. She will be missed by staff, and also by the many clients and volunteers who have grown accustomed to her warm, friendly voice on the telephone. 

Marlena Knill

ECHHO will always be grateful for her contribution to the success of our mission to serve the needs of so many people in Jefferson County. Marlena is looking forward to spending more time with her family and continuing her spiritual journey. We wish her the very best. 



ECHHO Welcomes Cassie to the Team

Cassie Reeves

Cassie Reeves, who has become a much-appreciated and very skilled office volunteer, will be replacing Marlena, starting her work as Volunteer Coordinator early in October. Cassie, too, has significant non-profit experience, and has worked with Marlena in correlating our clients' needs with volunteers. With Marlena's help in completing her training, she will be a muchappreciated, affable addition to our staff, bringing new and innovative ideas to the work of volunteer recruitment activities.


Rich Celebrates 6th Anniversary with ECHHO

Rich HeitmannRich Heitmann started with ECHHO in 2010 as a Title V O3A Intern. Over the years he has demonstrated a continuing commitment and dedication to ECHHO’s mission. Successfully taking on increasing responsibilities over the years, he was recently promoted to Operations Manager and is the first full time employee in ECHHO’s history. Rich eagerly looks forward to many more years of service to the community. 



Welcome Aboard Jeffrey

Jeffrey Hall

We are very pleased to welcome Jeffrey Hall, our new Title V Intern to our office. Jeffrey joined us eager to learn new skills and hone those he already possesses in assisting ECHHO's staff and volunteers. He quickly learned to respond to telephone requests for service, matching clients with drivers and generally helping wherever needed in the office. He's here early in the morning, answering the phone and doorbell, helping Walt with medical equipment loans, and has already become a valuable asset as an ECHHO employee!


Walt Keeps On Truckin'

Walt Hill

Walt Hill has been our Equipment Manager for about eight years; in charge of delivering, dispensing and maintaining durable medical equipment for our clients. He obviously takes great pride in providing quality service to our clients. An avid golfer and National Champion Senior Softball player, he shows the same work ethic in the office as he does on the athletic field. Walt is an indispensable crew member onboard the Good Ship ECHHO! 

Will You Help Spread the Word?

As many of you already know, it is sometimes difficult to find volunteers for some of our clients’ needs, especially long distance transportation to medical appointments. ECHHO is growing, and requests for service are increasing. It is vital that we recruit new volunteers to meet these needs. While Sarah and others continue to solicit volunteers by talking to church congregations and community organizations, we need your help! Wherever you go, whenever you are among others, won’t you please share ECHHO’s story? 

Let's Get the Word Out!

Practice it if you need to; make it brief and concise and enticing! We have printed some simple cards that we hope volunteers and others will offer to any and all prospective volunteers! These cards fit easily into pockets, and it is our experience that when offered, recipients seem genuinely pleased for the invitation to consider volunteering. Try it; you’ll like it, and it’s a great feeling to know you just might have made a difference in someone’s life! You can pick up as many cards as you’d like at our office.

Mark Your Calendar

Finally, please mark your calendars on Friday, December 2, 11:30 – 1:30, for our VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION EVENT! This one will be truly amazing, with beautiful door prizes, fantastic food, music and celebration of all that you are and all you do for ECHHO and our clients. If you would like to contribute your favorite Christmas treats, a song or a poem, by all means bring them along for everyone to enjoy! We'll have some fun storytelling, and plenty of opportunity for you to share with one another!!!

We are So Proud of What Our Volunteers and Staff
Have Accomplished During the Third Quarter of 2016

Third Quarter 2016 Performance
Month Number of Clients Total Hours Rides to Medical Appointments
Other Volunteer Service
Number of Volunteers Miles Driven
Loaned Medical Equipment
July 160 306 214 92 36 4835 162
August 178 364 306 58 35 5497 176
September 156 415 367 48 37 5925 144

To make a monetary donation, mail your check to
ECHHO, 1110 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368.
If you would like to donate medical equipment or volunteer, please call us
at (360) 379-3246 or email us:

Thank you for your support!

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