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News - April 2012

April 2012

Join the fun with ECHHO in this year’s Rhody Parade!

Pickup Float in Rhody Parade

It's getting close to Rhody time in Port Townsend and once again ECHHO will be represented in the parade on May 19. Like last year, we will decorate Walt Hill's truck (our equipment manager) and include our "float" in the UGN section of the parade. There is room for 4-5 folks to ride in the back of the truck and as many as would like to can walk along the parade route with the truck. Those of us who joined the parade last year had a really great time and truly felt the "love" of our community for the services ECHHO provides. Please consider joining us for this event - it is fun and rewarding. Generally we need to line up around noon that day - we will be in the UGN section - which we do not yet know where that will be. Let us know if you would like to join in; and we'll get the details to you when we get nearer the time.


By their actions, ECHHO volunteers demonstrate their desire for the type of world they want this to be. A world in which the lives of the less fortunate are valued no less than the lives of the fortunate. A world in which no one is denied care based upon income or social status. A world in which living with dignity is not a privilege, right, or benefit enjoyed only by a person with more advantages than most. If you share this vision and want to help make it a reality, please contact ECHHO to find out how you can help those in need. If you are already a volunteer and know of someone who might be interested in helping, please tell them about ECHHO!

Handicap Parking Available to ECHHO DriversIndividual with Disability Parking Placard

To make driving care receivers more convenient, we have Individuals with Disabilities Parking Placards available to hang from the rearview mirror of your vehicle. If you anticipate needing one, call our office to reserve one for your drive. You may come in to the office to sign it out, and it must be returned to the office after your drive.


In addition serving a record number of clients and loaning a record number of medical devices, our volunteers gave the highest number of hours since last summer!

Record Number
Record Number
TOTAL Rides to Medical Appointments Other Volunteer Services Miles Driven
138 329 214.5 114.5 4,507 173

To make a monetary donation, mail your check to
ECHHO, 1110 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368.
If you would like to donate medical equipment or volunteer, please call us
at (360) 379-3246 or email us:
Thank you for your support!

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