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News Archives - February 2011

February 2011

Fundraising Hopes Rise

During the past few months, ECHHO has submitted grant proposals to several foundations and corporations that award charitable funding. In these tough times, the awarding of these funds is becoming more difficult to secure. Philanthropic organizations are receiving an increasing number of requests for help and their decisions are becoming more difficult. Our executive director Cheryl Torres and staff members Wilma Hackman and Marlena Knill have been working very hard to put together and submit grant applications that will, hopefully, sway the decision making process in favor of ECHHO. There are, of course, many organizations that deserve funding, but how many “ECHHO’s” are out there. We hope that those who award financial assistance will recognize the value and uniqueness of what ECHHO does.

Individuals can help too!

ECHHO needs your help as well. Every dollar that we receive from people who recognize the importance of what ECHHO does helps us to continue our mission. If not for the generosity of our community, ECHHO would not survive, and the hundreds of people who depend upon ECHHO would be facing very difficult challenges. Their quality of life would suffer and, in fact, their health care could be severely compromised if they could not have access to the vital services that we provide. Please, donate what you can. Whatever donation amount you can offer, it will go a long way towards helping ECHHO and will be greatly appreciated. Remember, a community is only as strong and viable as is the strength of commitment of its members!

TOTAL Rides to Medical Apptmts. Other Volunteer Services Miles Driven
105 214.5 173.5 41 3085 110

To make a monetary donation, mail your check to
ECHHO, 1110 Jefferson St., Port Townsend, WA 98368.
If you would like to donate medical equipment or volunteer, please call us at (360) 379-3246 or email us:
Thank you for your support!

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